Micro tipped sticks are ultra thin, completely painless, sterile and safe.
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24 sticks $14.99

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Hands and fingers cause irritation! Avatar Avatar Sticks help release fluid, redness and inflammation without the germs Avatar

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How to use
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Wash the area

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Prick the tip of a pimple with an obvious white or yellow center

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Cover with patch overnight

Get rid of pimples overnight every time:

  • Sterile, one time use to prevent infection
  • Micro tipped for painless use and rapid healing

Stop popping with your fingers.
Popping pimples causes damage to healthy skin around it and tear. Instead, use our sticks to gently prick only the tip with precision followed by our patches for rapid healing.



Sophie Charlson

I have been using the smacne sticks and patches for around two months now and I have been loving the results!

I have been using the smacne sticks and patches for around two months now and I have been loving the results! Gone are the days where I would struggle with painful spots that would last for weeks and gone are the days where I would use toothpaste every night! Now with this simple two step system I can zap that spot overnight, simply stick, apply the patch and boom wait at least 6 hours and then remove - the spot is less inflamed and visibly reduced. Amazing product great for those quick fixes!

Miyoki Laleiki

These patches are just chefs kiss!

Smacne Sticks:
don’t be scared! Dermatologists & estheticians use similar tools to make a small hole in a whitehead so that the gunk can come out more quickly and easily! I love these so much, I simply go in as little as I can with the stick (perfectly sized by the way) and then throw a Smacne patch on top! In the morning the pimple is completely empty and it’s so freaking satisfying! I highly recommend, just don’t use the sticks when you’re arguing with your siblings!

Smacne patch:
Okay guys so these patches are just chefs kiss! They come in 3 different sizes which I always appreciate! They’re hydrocolloid so they suck the gunk right out of your pimple! They work very well, made my top 4 patches ever used in my 29 years of life. That should say everything! Love these, highly suggest them for anyone looking for a good pimple patch


These patches are absolutely THE BEST!

They saved my skin more than I can count and I would gladly use them again. I'm especially happy because they don't contain any active ingredients which could irritate or damage my skin so that's amazing. The Smacne Sticks are also a wonderful concept, but I must say I'm a bit afraid to use them because I can go a bit overboard. I tried to poke at one of my underskin cysts but it's not intended for that so don't try it (hurt so bad:(), they are only meant for whiteheads - and they work amazing for that. Just poke, gently squeeze into a clean tissue and apply the patches and it's all good :)


The Smacne sticks are great to gently prick whiteheads so you don’t pop them yourself and they allow the Smacne patches to pull out and absorb all the gunk. This duo helps heal pimples faster and best of all it doesn’t hurt!

Vanessa V

Pimple patches are extremely effective at extracting impurities. This is because they created 𝙎𝙢𝙖𝙘𝙣𝙚 𝙎𝙩𝙞𝙘𝙠𝙨 to allow the fluids from your blemish to escape. That means you don't need to pick or squeeze to get rid of your pimples!

Ms S Perkins

I've used my first stick today and 2 patches so far. The idea of the sticks weirded me out a little as I'm pretty squeamish but the first one I used was super simple and not painful at all! Sharon Wong I'm really liking the Smacne patches so far! I've been using it to help with fresh acne spots and notice improvements after leaving them on overnight.

Jenny Yu

I've been struggling with #whiteheadsBut @smacne couldn't have come at a better time to rescue me from the trauma If you cannot resist the temptation to pop your #pimplefriends , then let the lancet needle do the job for ya.