5 Skincare Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. 1. You can make your own (cheap) lip scrub
  2. Why spend money you don’t have to? Combine orange essential oil, coconut oil and sugar into any small plastic container you have around. It exfoliates, and it tastes great.
  4. 2. Reduce eye puffiness with Preparation
  5. Yep, that Preparation H. While it might be embarrassing to buy, whatever is in this stuff works wonders on puffy eyes. Just apply a little bit where you might have bags and circles and rub it in.
  7. 3. SPF is your friend
  8. Sun damage is one of the main causes of premature aging, wrinkles and sun spots. If you’re going to be outside for any extended period of time, make sure you either put sunscreen on or another product, like foundation, that has an SPF built in.
  10. 4. Coconut oil doubles as a moisturizer and makeup remover
  11. In addition to be a healthier flying oil for cooking, coconut oil can act as a very effective makeup remover. And, its good for your skin too, so don’t be surprised when your skin feels even smoother and softer afterwards.
  13. 5. Your skintype changes as you get older
  14. It sounds obvious when you think about it, but your skin changes as you get older. What a lot of people don’t do, though, is change up their skincare as they age. Every few years, evaluate what you have in your skincare routine and make sure it’s still doing as good a job as when you first started using it.


Follow these tips,
SMACNE has everything else covered.

SMACNE is an acne-destroying medication that takes the best natural ingredients and maximizes their effectiveness through proven scientific methods. This two-step skincare solution takes care of your skin at every level: deep in the pores, the oily surface and even moisturizing it to keep it soft and beautiful.

If you’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on countless acne products, your search is over. SMACNE is the last skincare product you’ll ever need.

SMACNE is a HIT with the Influencers!

SMACNE has been popping up on more and more Instagram and TikTok accounts lately as influencers shouting about this amazing skin-clearing product from the rooftops. If you don’t know Natalie Barbu, you should. Here she is going through her nightly skincare routine and what do you think the first product on her face is after she takes of her makeup?? Watch the video below for yourself!

Our favorite part? Natalie says, “I think it has made a tremendous difference in keeping my skin clear. I have been enjoying this a lot. I used to try drugstore products a lot and they just didn’t work that well...I do feel like these [SMACNE] are really, really effective.”


Life after SMACNE is Different

When you have bad skin, it affects more than just how you look in the mirror. It can affect your self-esteem, your social life and your mental health. And then there is the mental strain of finding something that works. You get your hopes up with one product only to have it let you down. And then you repeat that process over and over.

When you get your skin clear with SMACNE, that’s officially one less thing you have to worry about. No more guesswork everytime you see a new ad online or asking your friends what they use when they have skin that looks better than yours. Now, YOU can be the one your friends ask about their skincare routine

Oil vs. Water

Oil and water don’t mix, that’s science. So when you use a water-based product, the active ingredients don’t get the chance to get into your skin and do the dirty work of cleaning deep into your pores. Instead, they just stay on the skin’s surface leaving the root of the problem completely untouched.

Oil-based solutions like SMACNE work by:

• Using oil and AHAs to penetrate deep into clogged pores
• Lacing oil with benzoyl peroxide to clean out dirt and grime
• Keeping pores clean and preventing repeat breakouts.
• Incorporating hydrating acids to keep your face from
drying out.

How It Works: The 2-step System

SMACNE uses a 1-2 punch of our Aloe Vera Exfoliating Cleanser and Acne Treatment to completely clean, purify, and pamper your skin. These two bottles do what an entire shelf of other skincare products can’t.

The SMACNE Aloe Vera Exfoliating Cleaner

Clears out any impurities, exfoliates your pores, and removes oil on your skin, so that it is fresh and to prep the skin for the treatment.

The pH of our cleanser is around 4 to help release the “glue” that holds old skin together and clears up pores.

SMACNE Acne Treatment

Our treatment is oil-based rather than water-based, and is designed to replace the oil on your skin after it is prepped. This new oil does not cause breakouts and is laced with acne fighting ingredients so that it kills acne instead of causing it along with helping to balance and reduce the oil levels on your skin. Our treatment has a pH of about 5, which is about the same pH as your skin in order to keep it neutral as possible.

What people are saying about SMACNE

Our results speak for themselves. We’re here for your skin’s full journey.

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