Oil-Based Treatment Infused with Magically Stacked Ingredients


Oil vs. Water

Oil and water don't mix, but oil and oil do, that's science. Your skin makes oil because it needs it to survive and it’s impossible to get rid of because it’s constantly making more. So when you use a water-based product, the active ingredients have a hard time penetrating your skin’s natural oil barrier to get deep into your skin and do the dirty work of cleaning deep into your pores. Instead, they just stay on the skin's surface leaving the root of the problem largely untouched.

Oil’s not the problem. It’s the solution:

Smacne’s oil-based solution is laced with acne fighting ingredients, which allows it to penetrate your skin’s natural oil barrier and get pulled deep into the skin, making it impossible for acne to survive on your skin. It’s like having an anti-acne oil barrier on your skin.

Three steps to clearer skin

Cleanse & Prep

Unclog pores and remove dead skin cells to clean skin of dirt, oil, makeup and more, plus prep the skin for treatment with pro-quality glycolic acid and salicylic acid (AHA/BHA) in the SMACNE Cleanser.

Replenish & Treat

Restore skin’s moisture barrier while treating and preventing breakouts with a magic blend of acne-fighting ingredients in the SMACNE Treatment - benzoyl peroxide, jojoba oil, and tea tree oil.

Hydrate & Spark Joy

Skin stays moisturized, balanced and healthy without clogged pores thanks to hero-hydrator hyaluronic acid and nourishing aloe vera in your SMACNE Kit, because clear skin doesn’t have to be dry or irritated.

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