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Skin not improving
Skin not improving yet?

When treating acne, dedication and patience are key. While some members see results right away, it takes some time and patience for most of us to start seeing results.

We can't judge how a person is responding to an acne treatment until at least 6 weeks have passed of regular daily use (although most see improvement by weeks 3 or 4). The treatment needs time to work and get all the acne out deep in your skin. It is an ongoing process with gradual improvement (and some setbacks) until the tendency to break out has passed. Note that this improvement period varies greatly.

Worsening breakouts (aka purging)

If you’ve just started a new formula and you feel like you’re seeing more breakouts, don't worry—this can be normal, and we're here to help.

SMACNE works partly by unclogging pores, but this can mean an adjustment period for the skin, when you can see an “initial breakouts” or “purging.” The pores are getting cleared out, and the skin cells are sloughing off like they should, but this can lead to these temporary breakouts.

This may happen in about 20-25% of people. You might see anything from small, superficial bumps to deep, inflamed pimples. It usually happens 1-2 weeks after starting, and it can last up to 3-4 weeks, but not to worry: once your skin adjusts, you should start seeing improvement! As this can take time, patience is key.

How to cancel

We make cancelling hassle free and give you multiple ways to cancel. You can cancel/delay your subscription simply through your account on our site, or by starting a live chat or emailing us at Make sure to include the full name and email that was used to make the purchase.

How to Delay/View/Adjust Shipping Schedule

Simply start a live chat on our site or email us at . Make sure to include the full name and email that was used to make the purchase.

How to Change your Membership to Severe/Original or 30 Day/60 Day

Simply starting a live chat on our site or emailing us at . Make sure to include the full name and email address that was used to make the purchase along with a request to change kits and we will have that changed for you on your next shipment.

I love this product but my budget is tight and can’t afford it. Do you provide financial assistance?

We are here to solve a problem, and will provide the treatment to as many people as possible. No one should be denied treatment and have to suffer from acne just because they can’t afford it. If you really cannot afford SMACNE, just contact us at and let us know the support you need.

Return Policy

90 day money back guarantee

You are eligible for a complete refund for the first 90-day supply of your Smacne subscription plan, subject to the exceptions below. The 90-day supply of your subscription plan includes the one month trial and following two month supply of products, including any shipping and handling charges. You must contact to cancel your subscription and request a refund at any time on or before the 90th day after the date of your first trial kit purchase. This includes the day of the date of the purchase.

Returning customers signing up for our service again are not eligible for a refund. Additionally, purchases made via “Buy Now” are not eligible for a refund. Additionally, we do not accept returns in exchange for a refund outside of the first 90-day supply.