Why Do I Have Acne? Three Possible Causes

It feels annoying… and painful… and embarrassing. 

Real talk time? Acne sucks. 

Reality check? All of the best acne skin care products in the world only treat the symptoms. 

Acne isn’t just skin deep. And neither are you. You know that you’re more than your breakouts but the reality is, at some point, you need to know: why do I have acne?

Here are three common causes of acne and what to do about it.

Three Common Causes of Acne

There are several different types of acne. These have different underlying causes. Here are some types of acne you probably see on your own skin and why it pops up.

Hormonal Acne

Acne from hormones isn’t about being a teenager or a female. Hormones fluctuate all through life and impact anyone and everyone. You may have hormone shifts during 

  • Adolescence

  • Changes in your sex life

  • Changes in your habits or health

Women experience hormone changes during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Men experience major hormonal changes in their thirties and at any age if testosterone drops.

Hormonal acne symptoms include:

  1. Acne on your face, usually around your jawline, cheeks and chin

  2. Females breakout out during menstrual cycles each month

  3. Deep, red and inflamed acne breakouts

Solution: there are a variety of dynamics at play here. If you suspect that you have hormonal acne, you will want to see a doctor and get your hormone levels checked. From spiking hormones during menstruation to low testosterone, hormonal therapies are available that can have a secondary impact of reducing your acne.

Detox Acne

Your body has multiple organs that cycle toxins out of your body. The systems that implement this function do so through sweat, digestion, urine, etc. These systems have to all work well for your body to digest food and eliminate waste. If you don’t have efficient detox systems in your body, you get backed up. Toxins then come out of your body through the skin.

Detox acne symptoms include:

  1. Pimples

  2. Rashes

  3. Redness

Solution: do a self-check. How is your diet? Do you exercise? Do you use the bathroom regularly without distress? You can make numerous lifestyle adjustments that help your body detox more efficiently. It may help to see a doctor or nutritionist for expert advice.

Diet-Related Acne

Acne that’s a result of your diet isn’t about eating too many potato chips. Some people have an allergic reaction that causes breakouts. While you may not be lactose intolerant, dairy intake has been shown to cause acne in some people. Some important components of a healthy diet that have been connected to acne are:

  • Vitamin A

  • Zing

  • Iodine

  • Omega-3 fatty acids

  • Dietary fiber

  • Antioxidants

Solution: a diet that includes lots of fruits and veggies could help offset the symptoms of acne. You can keep a food journal and start to observe any patterns in breakouts based on what you eat. You may also want to schedule an appointment with an allergist. If you do have a full-blown food allergy, you could alleviate your acne by avoiding certain foods.

How to Prevent Acne

Here are some tips for how to prevent acne based on the possible root cause of your acne.

  1. Treat hormonal acne: take care of hormone imbalances. You may need hormone treatment or have an endocrine imbalance. A functional medicine doctor can help you find the source of your issues and the right course of treatment.

  2. Treat detox acne: accelerate your body’s detox functions by drinking more water. Don’t burden your body by eating highly-processed food. Sweat it out by exercising and pushing toxins out. If you want to do a nutritional detox, make sure you are supervised by a doctor.

  3. Treat diet related acne: audit your diet. How much sugar are you eating? How much dairy do you consume? Spikes in insulin and allergies could both be responsible for this kind of acne. Do some research about the gut microbiome and make changes to improve your overall health and nutrition.

How to Treat Acne

While you do what you can to prevent acne, you may still have flare-ups from time-to-time. Acne treatment should work with your prevention efforts. This means, if you are doing your best to avoid toxins, don’t use acne products that have toxins in them. Acne treatment should include ingredients that combat inflammation and deep clean your skin.

Best Acne Products

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