COVID-19 and Acne

Right now, COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. COVID-19 is the latest version of a coronavirus and is impacting people around the world. This coronavirus has started movements like social distancing to flatten the curve of infection rates. The goal is to stem the spread of the virus, which has overtaken many countries, forced the close of borders and claimed too many lives.

When you struggle with acne, you may feel desperate to get to the root cause. Viruses like COVID-19 don’t have a known correlation to acne. Some viruses do cause skin eruptions and irritation that look a lot like acne. For instance, viruses cause warts and smallpox. They essentially damage your body on a cellular level, which can cause a huge variety of horrible symptoms.

Even if COVID-19 isn’t the cause of acne, you may contract this virus or be forced into social isolation to avoid becoming infected. In either case, caring for chronic acne will be a priority. 

Acne and Viruses

There are a few important aspects to the connection between acne and viruses like COVID-19.

  1. For some people, acne is caused by a certain kind of bacteria. New acne research is investigating how very specific viruses can be weaponized to combat that bacteria.

  2. There are different kinds of bacteria and everybody reacts to bacteria in different ways. Some people respond well to antibiotic treatments for acne. 

  3. Scientists have found a direct connection between acne and the common cold, which is almost always a strain of coronavirus. A sample of nearly 4,500 participants found high bacteria on the skin of people who were sick with a cold. This could mean that strains of the coronavirus cause breakouts.

Because there are so many strains of bacteria and causes of acne, you will need a rock star skincare regimen that has maximum impact against your skin issues. Check out customer reviews of Smacne to see how our products measure up.

Skincare During COVID-19

Taking care of your skin during the COVID-19 pandemic is important. There are numerous factors that could irritate your skin and increase acne.

COVID-19 panic and stress can increase acne. Stress puts a strain on numerous systems in your body. When your stress hormones are elevated, it can cause hyperproduction of your oil glands. This leads to a greasy feeling and more breakouts.

  • Possible solution: find a relaxation technique that will reduce tension in your body. This could include listening to music, calling a friend, lighting candles, meditating or performing calming rituals.

Anxiety and depression are at an all-time high right now throughout the world. As you read the news and scroll on social, there are far more doom-and-gloom posts than there are funny memes about toilet paper. The reality is, people are generally very afraid of COVID-19 and its expected impact on our world and economy. Anxiety has been shown to pop up on the skin in the form of acne, eczema and even rashes.

  • Possible solution: limit your exposure to the news or social media. Practice visualization or positive affirmations. It isn’t naive to pursue a place of peace and rest even in the reality of this troubling time.

Diet changes and decreased access to fresh fruits and veggies could take a toll on your skin. Scientists have long made a correlation between diet and skin health. Greasy, high-fat foods may irritate your skin and cause acne flare ups.

  • Possible solution: while you may not be able to change the availability of healthy foods, you can monitor your intake. Favor “better option” processed foods, like health food bars and juices. Supplement if possible. Don’t default to chips and cookies when there are reasonably better alternatives available. 

You may literally run out of your regular skin care stash during COVID-19. If you have a regimen that works for you, you still may be unable to get to the store to buy it. Even mail order products may dip in supply or delivery availability.

  • Possible solution: when your ability to get to the store is limited, you may be able to find non-irritating alternatives to your regular skincare. At Smacne, we recommend a three-step process of cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating. Even without the best products, still performing these steps can keep you from regressing too far in your control over chronic acne.

Smacne for Acne

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